First batch sold out!

The first batch of tickets sold out in just a few hours. Thank you everyone who got a ticket for putting so much trust in us!

We've got you covered

You missed our first batch of tickets? Don't worry – we'll release the second batch on July 29th, 15:00 CEST.

Get your ticket

What do you get?

The ticket costs €60 (Price: €50 + VAT + fees) and buys you the following things:

  • Entry to the Reject.JS conference on September 11th
  • Supply with refreshments throughout the day
  • A tasty lunch served right on the venue
  • Entry to the after party (tba)

Rooted in the JavaScript community

Reject.JS is an annual, community-driven full day JavaScript conference happening in Berlin at September 11th, 2014.

Reject.JS was born in 2010 out of the monthly BerlinJS meetups, and aims to give a chance to experience the JavaScript community to rejected speakers of, people who didn't get a ticket and everyone else who's interested. Nowadays, Reject.JS is a full-blown conference itself, while still staying true to its roots.

We provide an inclusive event that gives newcomers as well as long-time members of the community a relaxed space to meet, exchange experiences and make new friends. Together we explore tech and community topics and give a glimpse of Berlin's flourishing tech scene.

Ticket price includes entrance to the conference, refreshments over the day and tasty lunch, so you can nourish your body and use the the lunch break to digest the first round of talks and connect with other attendees. Our party in the evening is open for everyone, with or without ticket, so bring your old and new friends and have fun!

We had a blast in 2013 …

… and to get you in the mood for Reject.JS 2014 we've compiled this little video from the impressions of last year's conference. A very special thank you goes to the talented 7Digits who contributed that fantastic audio track to our timelapse video (like he already did in 2012).

Venue & Location

Reject.JS will be at Radialsystem V, Holzmarktstraße 33, 10243 Berlin. If you attended last year, this location will certainly ring a bell. It's directly in the middle of Berlin and can be easily reached with public transport. It has enough space for all our amazing attendees and offers a lovely area outside where you can sit directly at the river Spree, chat with people, relax and have some fresh air whenever you want to take a break.

Public Transport

The closest stop to our venue is Ostbahnhof. You can either take the S-Bahn or the bus to get there. If you wanna experience Berlin's subway you have to get off at Jannowitzbrücke. From both stops it's just a short walk to the venue.

Tip: Use CityMapper to find the best way from your place to Radialsystem V.

Call for Speakers

… is open!

The call for speakers will be open from Tuesday, July, 15th and will stay open until Tuesday, August, 5th.

Submit your talk!

We invite you and the entire JavaScript community to propose a talk for Reject.JS. No matter if your proposal got rejected at or not: we invite you to submit your topic you care about for RejectJS.

We want to give you a stage to present your ideas, your knowledge and your passion. Show us what matters to you, what you learned, experiences your made, which ideas for the future you have or whatever floats your boat. We're interested in what you care about and what the Reject.JS audience will benefit from. Are you an experienced speaker? Send us your talk submission! Are you a newcomer who hasn't spoken at a conference yet? We'd so love to hear from you and the topic you care about! We aim for a diverse lineup with a fine selection of interesting topics coming from everywhere out of this community.

We help you!

You never gave a talk before or feel like you don't have anything to talk about? We feel you – all of us know this feeling and we're here to help you. Maybe you want to have a look at these great resources:

If you're still not sure, we're here to help you. Both Ola and Robin would be happy to hear from you and help you to make your talk reality. Just drop us an email:

You can't or don't want to speak yourself but know someone who definitely should give a talk? Then tell us, we're more than happy to reach out to them personally.

Submit your talk

So please go ahead, pick your topic and

Submit your talk!

All talks will be 30 minutes long. Please note that by submitting your talk you accept to adhere the rules of our Code of Conduct which we thus highly recommend reading.

The process

We want to minimize any bias towards the speaker, thus we'll anonymize your submission and rate the talk solely based on its content.

After that we'll take the top rated talks, de-anonymize them and put them in a pool out of which we choose the final talks that will make up the schedule.

By doing this, we want to implement a fair talk selection process that results in a great and diverse speaker lineup and schedule and finally an awesome conference.

Here’s what we offer you

If you submit a talk and get accepted, we of course give you free entrance to the conference, including lunch and drinks over the day. If you have a significant other who wants to support you during the day at our venue, we're happy to invite them as well.

Of course you'll also gain our eternal and heartfelt thanks for your submission – we can't wait to hear from you and about your topic!

One thing we want to let you know regarding travel cost: we aim to make our conference accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. This is why we’re a low-budget conference with a very low ticket price. We also want to support our speakers and thus would like to help you cover your travel expenses. Our total budget for travel cost is EUR 2000. We spread it across all speakers, this means 200-250 EUR per person. Still, if one speaker doesn't need financial support, the others get a bit more of the share. We hope this will help you in your decision to submit a talk and will do our best to get you and your talk to Berlin.

Call for Sponsors

Reject.JS is a conference from the community, dedicated to the community. Throughout the last years, we've been able to provide a full-blown conference experience and place to meet for a lot of great people thanks to our sponsors. Our low ticket price, combined with the great location and high effort made it a special event for every attendee.

This year we aim even higher and want to top our great 2013 edition If your company wants to support the community and help us make this event happen, please contact us. We would love to welcome you at our event and in our community.

Become a Sponsor

Code of Conduct

Be excellent to each other!

Our goal is to have an awesome and inclusive community-driven conference where people meet, hang out together, chat, listen to talks, exchange ideas and make new friends. Any harmful or discriminating behaviour will not be tolerated and results in the offending person being expelled from the conference.

Our complete Code of Conduct helps us to make sure that we are as inclusive and safe as we want everyone to be.

We care about you. If anyhing happens, please contact us.

Brought to you with Love

Reject.JS is run by volunteers who have been doing a wide range of community work before. We love the community and we love to bring this event to you. So if you have any questions, feedback or even a problem, please contact us: either via our @rejectjs Twitter account, drop us an email to or contact us individually, you'll find our details below'. We're here to make this event excellent for everyone and you, so don't hesitate!

Also, if you don't already trust us: We've done this before. Three times. 2011. 2012. 2013.